Anne Marie Heinrichs, COO

A native of Toronto, Ms. Heinrichs graduated from the University of Reading with a Bachelors of Arts Degree (Honours) in Philosophy and Sociology.  In 1998, after working with Intelex Technologies and BMS Consulting, Ms. Heinrichs discovered her inner entrepreneur, and founded AMI Business Solutions, where she specialized in designing and implementing complex accounting and manufacturing software systems. The firm later changed direction to focus on forensic accounting and analysis, working with police and legal firms internationally on white-collar crime investigations. Although this business is now dormant, Ms. Heinrichs operates and owns the business since it’s the majority shareholder in ComhlaTech Limited.

In June 2011, Ms. Heinrichs started, a stock market education website with her partner, and husband, John Bannan. As a trainer, Ms. Heinrichs focused on trading psychology. Her unique ability to break down complex and difficult ideas to help students ”get it”, coupled with the successful trading systems developed by Mr. Bannan, gave the community a simple, straight-forward approach to trading.

In May 2020, was closed to facilitate the opening of ComhlaTech Limited, a company collectively started by Bannan and Heinrichs and the clients of
Ms. Heinrichs has been actively involved in serving as the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of ComhlaTech Limited since May 2020. Currently, ComhlaTech Limited is focused on using its technology to assist investors in making informed investment decisions and reduce their risk. It is the systems developed at ComhlaTech that are used by the Advisor.

Anne Marie's appointment in December 2023 to the National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA) Associate Board of Directors marks a significant milestone in her career and underscores her expertise and leadership within the financial industry. Heinrichs brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to the board. Her strategic insights and dedication to fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders are poised to contribute greatly to NIBA's mission of promoting fair and transparent markets while advocating for the needs of Commodity Trading Advisors, Introducing Brokers and Service Providers to the industry. Her presence on the board is likely to enhance NIBA's ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and to effectively address the evolving challenges and opportunities facing the financial community.

Anne Marie Heinrichs

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